Payout Question asks that you provide the following details when submitting a Support Ticket.

PLEASE: do not submit a Support Ticket such as:

" When do i get paid " or " Payment Overdue " needs as much information as possible when a Support Ticket is initiated, as there are over 90,000 Members currently, and limited amount of staff members as well as Moderators to provide support

To Submit a Support Ticket, please provide the following:

Support may be reached via Support Link located on top of all Pages.

1. Member Name
2. Email listed within your Profile
3. Alertpay Email listed within your Profile
4. Your Country
5. Amount of Referrals if any
6. Account Balance if known
7. Date of Joining or approximate date
8. Date of last login on
9. Choose the appropriate Support Ticket Category
10. Provide the exact Email Address when submitting a ticket that is listed within your Profile.
11. Provide any and all screen shots of error(s) or issue(s)
12. Any other information that may assist resolving your concern(s)

The more information you provide us, will enable to efficiently handle your request.

Note: DO NOT submit multiple or duplicated tickets.

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