Clicked On A Cheat Link

If a Member clicks on any cheat link(s) on Surf Ads Page or Banner Ads Page, THREE things shall happen as follows:

1. Receive and automated email stating that you have just clicked on a Cheat Link.
2. Account Balance deduction recorded and updated in your history.
3. Account Balance deducted in Member's Account Balance.

As stated, all Members are to carefully read and view the advertisement(s) presented on

Should you click on any one or more Cheat Link(s) that may be randomly placed anywhere on Surf Page or Banner Ads Page, you will be subject to the above mentioned.

A Member clicks a $0.25 Cheat Link :
1 x $0.25 = $0.25 deducted
2 x $0.25 = $0.50 deducted
3 x $0.25 = $0.75 deducted

Also, Cheat Links do deduct up to $10.00 per cheat link, and that amount shall be stated on the Cheat Link Page once it is clicked, and within your History Page.

Please be advised that this is all done automatically, instantly and without warning. Should you click a Cheat Link. Even if by accident, there is no way to credit the Cheat Link amount back to your account. understands your concerns, however, must protect the Advertiser's best interest as well as Security.

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