What is PageRank

The Ins and Outs of PageRank and Why It Should Matter to You

The buzz around the search engine marketing world is that there is this thing called PageRank that is pretty important. They say it can stand to make or break your website?s presence on the internet, and that webmasters should do everything they can to bow down to this almighty PageRank.

The only thing about PageRank is that many people don't even know what it is. What is PageRank? Why does it matter? Is it really that important? If you find yourself asking these questions when you hear of this infamous PageRank business, read on for more information about it and what it is. From there, you can make the decision yourself as to whether or not it is something that you'd like to pursue.
PageRank: It's a Google Thing

Okay, so at this point you are probably (hopefully) already aware of the fact that Google is pretty much king of the jungle in the internet world. If a website isn?t deemed to be any good by Google, chances are that the rest of the World Wide Web will follow suit in that opinion. PageRank is a Google thing; it is the way that Google goes about categorizing websites in order of their importance on the web.

The idea for PageRank was developed by a couple of Google developers named Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. They found a flaw in the search engine system at that time because search engines linked to pages that had the highest density of keywords. It might not sound flawed at first, but a lot of people were cheating and filling their pages with keywords over and over trying to get higher search engine results.

They had this theory that the websites that are the most informative and important are those that have the most links to them. In their eyes, a link to a site is kind of like a vote in it's favor. The more important the site is that's doing the voting matters, too. This was a sensible thought, because people actually do link to websites that have relevant, informative content.

From there, the search engines (namely, Google) were already that much more useful to internet browsers. Life was harder for those webmasters who wanted to cheat the system; lo and behold, they had to actually create or pay for useful content. This was virtually unheard of for many people, and changed the way that websites were created and optimized.
Are Links All that PageRank Looks At?

Links to a website are not all that PageRank takes into account. It also examines the importance of the page that is doing the linking. If some link farm is the website that is sending out the link, the 'vote' so to speak in a certain website's favor, this link won't hold any weight. The pages out there with more authority, with a higher PageRank, are going to count more when they link out to other sites.

PageRank does not consider the age of the site, the relevancy of the backlinks or how long they have been there. Other ranking popularity systems do, but PageRank does not. It also disregards content. This does not mean that content is not important, because better content generates better incoming links, which do relate directly to PageRank.

It's also important to consider that it doesn't rank a website as a whole. Most websites have multiple pages, and the PageRank system ranks the various pages on a website, not just the site itself. For this reason, some pages may rank better than others on the PageRank system when it comes to Google search results.
How to Improve PageRank

There are many ways to improve PageRank. Having quality content is one thing. Although it doesn't relate to your ranking, it will get you the quality inbound links that you need to be successful and those links count as a vote in your favor when it comes to PageRank.

You can also improve your own rank by linking to your own pages within your site. Remember, the whole site is not counted as an entity but PageRank does take the different pages into account. This means that you can link to your own pages within your website and cast a few votes that way.
Should PageRank Matter to You?

Google rules the internet Universe, and that is all that can be said about whether or not you should care. Most webmasters do care, though. Many slave over trying to get their PageRank up and improve their search engine rankings. If you want your site to do well, you just can't ignore Google and PageRank is an important part of that. The rest is up to you.

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