Verified Membershp

Purchase Verified Membership

You can purchase a Verified Membership at anytime.

Once you purchase a Verified Membership, one of our Customer Service Representatives will not only provide you with your new Payout Details & A Verified Account Number, and may also perform a live operator verification.

Should your Account be used or stolen by an unauthorized person, all you need to do is email us with the Verified Membership Number and all account details will be restored immediately.

» Secured Email Information
» Secured Alertpay Information
» 1 Time Payment Per Email Address Verification
» Guaranteed Protection of Sensitive Information
» Speed Up Processing & Audit Times
» PayPal Payments
» Moneybookers Payments (To Be Implemented)
» Live Telephone Verification By A Account Specialist Verified Membership Account Number Issued.

Processing time: Up to 1 working day.
Availability: Never Expires.