Enabling and Disabling Auto-Renewal

Auto Renew automatically renews your products and services before they expire. You set up automatic renewals so that when your expiration dates approach, we automatically renew your accounts and charge the credit card you have on file. If you do not set up automatic renewals for your products and services, you must manually renew them. You can disable Auto Renew at any time.
To Enable or Disable Auto Renew

1. Log in to your Account Manager.
2. Click the My Renewals & Upgrades heading to expand the section.
3. Click Payments & Renewing Items.
4. Use the checkboxes to select the items for which you want to enable or disable Auto Renew.

NOTE: To select all of the products and services on the page, select the checkbox in the header at the top of the list. This selects all of the items listed on the current page but not all the products and services listed in your account.

5. Click Auto Renew.

6. Select one of the following:

Auto Renew
Sets the selected items to automatically renew upon expiration.
Disable Auto Renew
Removes the automatic renewal option from the selected items. You can manually renew these items to prevent them from expiring.

7. Click Save Changes.

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