Introducing Payza!

Online payments – a customer browses a merchant's website, finds something they want, pulls out a credit card, plugs information into the site and hits the "Pay Now" button. It should be simple, shouldn’t it? Just like that, the product should be in the mail or access to the service should be instantly provided.

But we all know it's not that simple. There are many variables that can complicate this process, like anxieties about online shopping and threats, perceived or real, lurking in the shadows of the web. There are also operational difficulties, declined payments, faulty products and services… the list goes on.

Payza is putting an end to these worries. We take pride in our ability to know what vexes our customers, and that’s what fuels our creativity and dedication to developing a payment platform that delivers a quality online experience. That’s why Payza is now at the helm of international online payments.

Get to know Payza

Payza is a globally-trusted, multi-purpose, user-friendly payment platform committed to providing people all over the world with a host of services and tools to make online payments painless and worry-free. Let us do the work!

We focus our energy into a customer-centric model to ensure the most comfortable and accessible experience for our members. With over 8 million people passing through our site via one channel or another, there is bound to be a problem or two, so we are set up with information resources, a skilled customer support team and a plethora of talent behind the website's scenes resulting in a product that is constantly evolving and informed by the people who use it.

What Payza does and how it works

Payza processes secure payments between merchants and shoppers, facilitates payments between businesses and their affiliates/associates/partners, supports remittances, offers integration resources for developers, and so much more.

Our basic model is this: a person uses their credit card or E-Wallet to pay another person (whether they’re just sending money to one or multiple people or making a payment to a merchant). Payza securely processes the payment and loads the funds into the recipient’s E-Wallet. E-Wallets can be loaded by bank account, credit card, money order or certified check, and money can also be conveniently withdrawn by bank account, credit card, Prepaid Card or check. It’s that easy. We’re here to ensure that funds are transferred securely and instantly, and to assist when we’re needed.

Why use Payza?

Payza is not your run-of-the-mill payment platform. We offer our services to members not only in developed countries, but in developing countries and underserved markets as well. Our goal is to become the most globally accessible payment platform on the web. As ambitious as that goal may be, we’re confident in our abilities and your support.

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