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How To Purchase Via Alipay

Solution If you wish to purchase Products, Services or items, using Alipay please do the following:

1. Checkout via Buy Now Buttons on the Order page for the intended purchase.

2. Log into your Alipay Account.

3. Manually remit/send payment to (Alipay Only).

4. Once you have remitted/sent payment, you will be issued a Reference / Tracking Number.

5. Submit a Support Ticket with a copy of that transaction along with your Member Name and the item(s) you have paid for.

Thank You Team

P.S. We will have your order processed within a few hours, as it is a manual payment.

Before submitting a ticket:

» Please ensure you provide us with your Member Name.
» Please ensure you provide us with tracking / reference number.
» Please ensure you provide us with item you have paid for.
» Please ensure you choose the proper Support Category.
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