Welcoming Others...

Introduce yourself to other members.

Welcoming Others...

Postby beanybux » Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:36 am

You've been around for awhile on Beanybux.com, and you should have a good grasp on the site,forum and other parts of Beanybux.com, and you want to be friendly and welcome the new members! That's great, but you can make just as many mistakes when welcoming as people posting introductions make.

1) Do not type the same response OVER AND OVER AND OVER. Typing the same generic "Welcome to Beanybux.com blah blah blah watch out for this member blah blah" does not go over well. Especially when you're just copy and pasting it in every thread or forum.

2) Do not post pictures in introduction threads unless it's been approved by the Beanybux.com mods. We will sometimes make exceptions, especially if it's a picture that has questions on it for the new members to answer. If it's just a "welcome!" picture, don't post it. If it's completely irrelevant, so please don't post it.

3) Respond to the information the new member gives you! Writing a one sentence welcome is just as bad as them writing a one sentence introduction.

4) Be kind to the new members. You were new at Beanybux.com once too. Make sure to give them a friendly welcome and try you best to make them feel at home.

5) Don't let conversation go too far. A few posts exchanging information is great but if too many irrelevant posts start to accumulate, take the discussion to the another thread or private message.

6) If they don't provide enough information for you to respond to, feel free to link them to this tread so that they can revise their introduction to include more about themselves.

If you follow these guidelines, you'll be all set! Feel free to send me a private message or one of the other mods if you have any questions.

Thank You
Beanybux.com Team
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