Introducing Yourself...

Introduce yourself to other members.

Introducing Yourself...

Postby beanybux » Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:40 am

1) Type more than one sentence. In this case, less is not more. We want to know more about you. The more you write, the more interesting of a response you'll get from those welcoming you.

Members generally are nicer to those who write more. One sentence introductions do not go over so well around here. You'll make a bigger impact with more and we're more likely to remember you.

2) That being said, it's good to write a decent amount, you don't tell us your life story. So in short, don't write a novel and keep it general. However, you are welcome to write as much as you wish.

3) Share how you became interested in!

4) Do tell us how you found! We're always interested in knowing how you got here in the first place.

5) Share anything interesting about you that will make you more memorable. Sharing likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorite things, anything is cool.

6) Respond to any posts you get from people welcoming you! It's a great way to meet people and start a friendship, and who knows maybe a relationship.

7) Please do not post or provide any personal or sensitive information, as this is a public forum, and respects your privacy.

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