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Postby beanybux » Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:59 am has shown a tremendous success, and will continue to be successful, thanks to our valued members. is not using the typical methods of other PTC sites, nor will we ever want to implement such habits or methods. staff takes into so many considerations when making a payout or even doing the actual audit.

There are so many factors which Members may not understand or care to ignore. Such as have you clicked a cheat link? How recent was your profile or IP changed? Has your Payza or Email Address changed since your payout request was made. does not require or ask its members to post their payouts, due to's Privacy Policy. However they are free to post, should they wish to do so.

Also, any issues that are posted on Forums are reviewed and resolved internally as well as making sure that all Members are satisfied overall.

In regards to Support Tickets, has grown past 100,000 Members and we are delighted with the growth rate. But, what happens is that many members submit a support ticket, or an email to support, but the message that is remitted to is not detailed and or missing information.

This in turns causes an excessive work load, and Policy is to reply to every single incoming communication no matter the outcome is good or bad. Team, must also respond to Forum inquiries such as this to maintain a friendly environment and to make sure that comments do not get out of hand, and misdirected at others. offers it's members real advertising and real stats and a realistic outlook on what a PTC site risks may consist of.

So, in conclusion, Members must understand that does not implement or use business practices of other sites. You will definitely see that is here to stay and with a good business model and professional ethics it will be stronger and stable.

However, in no way shape or form will accept any external parities reviews or be monitored.

This being, one reason, and secondly, who actually is doing the ratings and reviewing, and where have they acquired such a degree and license to certify and authenticate any product or service? works vigorously in maintain its site to high standards and does not approve or offer such an external review entity. does not consider any other forum or site to review or monitor, as Forum and Support is sufficient and our members do a wonderful job in keeping us informed. thanks each and everyone for being a Valued Member and look forward to a long and mutual relationship.

Thank You Team Forum Powered by Members
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